Surrey area : Time for Spring House Cleaning !

24 Mar 2014 | Added by vcarecleaning

1) Begin by making a checklist of all chores for each room in your house-and it feels like your accomplishing something when you check them off after a chore is completed. Make spring cleaning a family event and have fun!

2) Pick up all your garbage outside –It is time to beautify your yard and surroundings! So then you can begin creating your vegetable and flower gardens

3) Recycle as much as you can: Cardboard, cans, bottles, plastics, tins and clothes. We need to take care of our earth and do our part in keeping the earth tidy.

4) Organization is key. Now is the time to label boxes and items. Give each knick knack a spot where it belongs but watch out that things don’t get cluttered. Less is more!

5) De-clutter your home-organize every room- all things should have a set place if there is no place for it…it needs to be donated, recycled or sold in a garage or yard sale.

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