House Cleaning Services and Rates in Surrey BC

19 Feb 2014 | Added by vcarecleaning

Have you thought of just hiring a house cleaning service? If you think you are too busy with your job then this could be a good option to take.  To help you decide on what type of cleaning services and rates that is fit your budget here some guidelines that you can consider. The cost of cleaning services depends on several factors.  These include the size of the house, how often house needs to be cleaned and how many hours it will take to complete the task. Basically the cleaning rates are computed by the hours and additional tasks may cost extra charges. The regular cleaning services usually include dusting, vacuuming and washing floors, cleaning kitchen and bathrooms.  Some services may include dish washing and also changing of bed coverings.   At V Care Organic Cleaning we never charge extra for washing dishes and changing bedding. However some cleaning companies may consider it extra services. The prices and cleaning hours vary from city to city. In Surrey BC as per February 2014 rates for professional house cleaning run anywhere from 25$ to 36$ per hour per cleaner.  Most of the cleaning companies would have either minimum rate or minimum of hours they agree to work for. Very often it will be minimum 3 hrs of work .

At V Care Organic Cleaning current (Jan.2014) minimum rate is 96$ for 3 hrs for house cleaning. Also our hourly rates 32- 37$ depends of how often you want to clean your house .More often you clean, lower rate you get. Our average client pays us 100-140 $ per cleaning on bi-weekly or weekly basis.

If the company you hire charge flat rate, make sure you ask for full list of items they are going to clean each time.

Initial cleaning always takes a little bit longer, so be prepared to pay extra for first time cleaning. For additional major tasks like window and wall cleaning requires extra charges.  Cleaning of some kitchen appliances like oven and refrigerator also requires additional cost of service. Being aware of the above basic information about cleaning services will help you to choose cleaning Service Company that fit your budget. If you want to know how long it may take time to clean your house ,we have a great estimate tool on our website. Just answer questions about your house and items what needs to be cleaned and it will calculate time and price for your cleaning. You can find  it here.