The Filth Inside The Bottle.

3 Apr 2015 | Added by vcarecleaning

When we shop for household cleaning items, we probably are looking for the most effective product at the friendliest price. However how often do we think about the affects on us, instead of the effects on our wallet? A lot of household products that are commonly used may have harmful results on our health. In this article we will be covering some of these harmful results, and also looking towards greener alternatives for your family.

First of all we to establish a fact. 70% of women do all of the household cleaning in homes today. Women also compile 90% of maid, and cleaning positions. A recent study has shown that certain chemicals can have a harmful effect on the reproductive system. This could prevent a woman from becoming pregnant, or even worse, having a harmful effect on a current pregnancy. Pregnant women are especially urged to research the use of the cleaning products inside of their home.

Words can't describe how much we love our children. How we do so much to protect them and keep them out of harms way. Well one thing we may not consider, is the lack of a fully developed immune system. You see children are curious, they love to pick up things, inspect them, and even attempt to eat them. Certain chemicals in household products have been known to cause respiratory issues, and have been linked directly to asthma.

The fact that our children have weaker immune systems  can directly affect their breathing early in life. Children also have a habit of touching everything they see, and rubbing their hands across household items that have been cleaned with hazardous products.

Sometimes we're looking for a breath of fresh air. However, were you aware that certain air fresheners could be a direct cause of cancer? Certain air fresheners may have carcinogenic in them. This is a cancer causing chemical. However due to little research being done, we have very little knowledge about the brands that contain this. Just think, we use air fresheners in our homes, in our cars, in our office spaces, and we never really know what we're exposed to.

You would think that there would be all kinds of regulations and information out there, to help prevent these issues. However, there is no law or legal binding requirement that manufacturers put the ingredients of their product on the label. Because of this, we can be left in the dark on what we should be using for our homes and what we should not.

You can reduce your risks by using Eco-friendly products. You can also find certain cleaning products with all of the ingredients on the label. Also, a tip for the do it yourself crowd, you can actually find instructions online to create your own natural cleaning products.

We cannot control everything, however we can stay up to date and informed about the products that we buy. One penny saved, or a hundred dollars saved, nothing is worth your health. We highly recommend you look into green products. You will love the peace of mind to go along with your clean home!