The Under 1 Hour Home Cleaning Guide

12 Oct 2016 | Added by vcarecleaning
Doing proper Cleaning up while pressed for time can be tricky. You could leave out some patches undone or forget to rearrange items properly. It is hard cleaning standard house in less than one hour but it can be done.

Taking a 3 bedrooms house, start with the most visible spaces. These are the kitchen, living room and bathroom. You can do the bedrooms if you have spare time. How does that happen?

Kitchen (15 minutes)

·        Clear the counter tops by loading all dirty utensils into the dishwasher filled with hot water. Those that can’t fit should go into the sink filled with hot water.

·        Use a sponge dipped in hot water to wipe the counter tops and cabinets

·        Wash the utensils starting with the biggest like pans and pots

·        Use a sponge to wipe appliances

·        Clean the stove pieces and replace them

·        Clean the floor as a whole as the last step.

Living room (7 minutes)

·        Start by  clearing clutter and re-arranging misplaced items like electronics

·        Start at the furthest corner from the door and dust, and wipe doing from top to bottom

·        Vacuum upholstered furniture

·        Vacuum rugs and the carpet

Bathrooms (4 minutes per room)

·        Start by clearing the counters of clutter of personal care products

·        Spray cleaner on counters and other surfaces to be cleaned. Let it sit

·        Clean toilet. It the toilet bowl is stained, pour some bleach and go back to cleaning counters and mirrors.

·        Finish up cleaning the toilet

·        Come back to clean the floor while you are cleaning the kitchen floor.

Bedroom (2 minutes per room)

·        Change linens if they need changing. Make the beds. You can do this faster by lifting the mattress while tucking with the other.

·        Clear any clutter on the bed stands and the floor. You can gather all dirty garments in a basket which you can put away in a closet.

·        Dust the surfaces and windows

·        If you have spare time, vacuum the blinds and the bedside rug

·        If the floor is bare, it can be cleaned along with the rest of the hallway floor.

Floors (15 minutes)

·        Vacuum starting with the furthest corners towards the doors. Move backwards and use an attachment to get to hidden corners to prevent accumulation of dust.

·        If you have a steam mop use it to clean hard surfaces, which it can do faster than the traditional mop

The routine above takes 51 minutes.  You can do a quick over to see if there are any parts that have been left unattended.