Surrey Housekeeper secret tricks: How to remove pencil marks from walls.

8 Mar 2014 | Added by vcarecleaning

If you like me have small children in the house, it is inevitable. Pencil marks sooner or later will find their way into your walls. While pencil marks can be difficult to clean, don`t panic yet. Here are 3 secret tricks from Surrey Housekeeper:

1. Keep Magic Eraser in your cupboard to emergency situations like that. This little white sponge made from melamine foam and can do real miracles in your housekeeping tasks. Don`t forget to moisten sponge before use.

2. Try removing pencil marks from walls using soft eraser, preferably a white vinyl that will not leave marks of its own.

3. If eraser did`t work, try rubbing marks with a slice of fresh rye bread.

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