Housecleaning system from professional cleaners. Secretes for time saving from V Care Organic Cleani

31 Jan 2014 | Added by vcarecleaning

House cleaning can be tedious and time consuming. However, if you follow the right techniques and use the right products you can accomplish the task more efficiently. This is the advantage of professional cleaners. With proper tools and equipment, cleaning becomes a breeze. Of course, since they are trained and they do it day in and day out, everything is automatic for them. And so with a proper system things would be easier for you as well. Even if you don't hire the professional cleaners you can still clean your house.  

·        Clean from left to right and top to bottom in each room. A systematic ,clockwise cleaning approach eliminates a lot of retracing of steps. And top to bottom system lets gravity work for you and avoids duplication of effort.

·        Keep cleaning supplies together and close at hand to make every movement count. Use plastic caddy for all your cleaning supplies.

·        Deal with the clutter in your home separately. Decluttering can be extremely time consuming ,and if you combine it with cleaning ,you`ll be seriously slowed down.

·        Set a deadline for completing your cleaning. Knowing up front how much time you`ll spend cleaning can make the list of chores less daunting.

·        Use both hands while cleaning. Dust or wipe furniture surfaces with one hand while lifting objects with other. Scrub counters with a cloth in each hand. Squirt spray cleaner with one hand and wipe the surface with the other.

·        If it`s truly not dirty,don`t clean it. There`s no point in wasting time on a guest room or living room that`s rarely used. Give it a light dusting and forget it.

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