House Cleaning tips for teenagers. Learn how to keep your room clean: White Rock house cleaning

7 Feb 2014 | Added by vcarecleaning

You probably heard you parents telling you many times to clean your room. You said you will, but the room ended up being as messy as usual. And your parents started complaining again about the mess in your room. This vicious circle, although it seems indestructible it can be broken, and very easy. All you need is the will to try to make a change, and of course a little bit of patience which will make that change happen.

If you are tired of being told all the time to clean your room, here are a few tips which should help you with that:

•     Don’t leave your clothes on the floor! This is something that is definitely on the “don’ts list”. Keeping the clothes off the floor is the first step towards a clean room and an easy one to follow. Just keep your clean clothing in the closet and the soiled clothing in a bin on the floor. As for other accessories such as belts, bags and scarves, you can keep them away from the floor by using hooks on the walls.

 •    Try to keep food out of the bedroom. Of course is more comfortable to eat in your room, but it will also add to the already existing mess. Even if you don’t notice, having food in your bedroom will only end up with crumbs on the floor. Every time you are hungry or you want a snack, just go to the kitchen and eat there. This way, you`ll take a break from the computer and stretch a bit as well.

•    Vacuum your room weekly. Weekly?! Yes, just think, 10-15 min of effort for an entire week of having a clean room. Because, believe it or not, a vacuumed floor does make the room to seem cleaner. A fair trade, don’t you think?

•    Try to clean up your room before you go to bed. Set up a time, like 5 or 10 minutes, to clean up the room and do as much as you can in that time. You might not clean it entirely, but it is still better than nothing and this activity will make you tired for bed as well. And your room will also look cleaner in the morning.

 •    The last thing you can do for you room to be clean is to do a deep cleaning once in a while. And when we say once in a while, we don’t mean one a year. More like once in every few months when you should not only clean the room but sort out everything you have. You might be surprised to see how many things you could recycle or give to charity.

So, don’t wait anymore and start cleaning your room. Your parents will sure be pleasantly surprised, and you will have a cleaner room. Being a teenager can be difficult sometimes, and you might not be in the mood for keeping your room clean all the time, but if you put some effort once in a while, you will definitely get the results you want.