Eco Friendly Cleaning Tips from Surrey BC Maid Service

29 Jan 2014 | Added by vcarecleaning
  Our negative impact on the earth has been really rather devastating over the last 100 years, and there is little that anyone is really doing to oppose this. Sure, people recycle and drive a little less, but essentially the population of the planet need to be doing more to save the earth; everything that you do in your life should see you being fully aware of the impact that you are having on the environment. If everyone on the planet can see things this way, then there is a chance of saving the place.

  Surprisingly enough, this awareness of the earth even comes down to your cleaning habits. You will no doubt use chemical based cleaning products like everyone else does, but this is bad news. These products are extremely harmful, both to you and our planet. The production of the chemicals releases poisonous gasses into the atmosphere, as does the production of the bottles that they come in. It is all geared towards cleaning the dirt from your home, and in many cases the dirt is less dangerous for you than the chemicals you use on them! The way in which the chemicals are then flushed in to the waterways will mean that they affect more than just your home as well, the water systems are not water tight, and much of these chemicals can find their way in to the water tables of the surrounding countryside, where they violently affect the habitats of the eco systems there, who thrive off of the water in the streams and lakes that pass through the areas.

   So, how can you stop all of this from happening, yet still keep your home clean? It comes down to taking a step back and thinking about alternative cleaning methods.  Think about how you can avoid using chemicals in your cleaning.

   Steam cleaning is one idea that uses no chemicals at all. The steam shot from the steamer will heat up the bonds in the dirt that makes it adhesive, which breaks them down so that you can just wipe the dirt away. This process is great for using less chemicals, but it does use rather a lot of water and electricity, which is not great for the environment, as water is becoming increasingly scarce, and  electricity is currently produced by burning fossil fuels, which releases more poison in to the air.

  Lemon, vinegar and baking soda can be used to make up a set of cleaning agents that are much better for the environment, whilst still being great for cleaning. The high acidity in lemon and vinegar kills germs, whilst the carbonated effect of baking soda will speed up the reactions that make the cleaning easier at lifting dirt. These methods are well worth a further look, and will be cheaper than most household cleaning products.

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