Cleaning your tablecloth after Holiday dinner

5 Jan 2014 | Added by vcarecleaning

I love white formal tablecloths for Holidays dinners; I guess it comes from my European hospitality background. But sad truth is not every tablecloth survives a holiday party without a few stains.

So here is a quick guide how to remove the most common stains from your table cloth after Holiday dinner.

Coffee/Tea .

Rinse area with cold water immediately. Rub in a couple of drops of a mild, white dishwashing liquid and rinse well. Then treat with a mixture of one-part white household vinegar and 3 parts of water. Rinse again and launder as you normally do.

Red wine.
Pour a big dose of salt on top of the stain to absorb the liquid. Put the tablecloth into cold water and try to rub out the stain. Use an enzyme detergent( 2 I can think of Arm and Hammer plus OxiClean and Arm and Hammer Essentials. Or you can use great product called Pink Solution look at any Safe of Food stores ) in the hottest water safe for the fabric, soak for 30 minutes and launder.

Lipstick from napkins
Put the napkin stain down on top of a couple layers of paper towel or absorbent towel. Dampen another towel with rubbing alcohol (70 or 90 percent), then dab, dab, dab the stained area. Look underneath and you should see lipstick on the paper towels. Keep at it until all of the stain is gone. Rinse, wash as usual and air dry. If a little color is left, repeat the steps and it should take care of the problem.

Gravy or anything greasy
To clean up gravy, spoon it up as fast as you can. Sprinkle flour over the stained area to absorb the grease. Put the tablecloth into a sink and soak in a mixture of one teaspoon of a mild, colorless detergent with each cup of lukewarm water for at least 20 minutes. Then wash as usual and let air dry—don’t put in the dryer.

Candle wax

Once the wax has completely cooled and hardened—you can put the tablecloth in the freezer to speed the process—gently scrape away the excess wax with a dull knife.  Lay one piece of the paper towel (make sure it doesn’t have any colored printing on it ) on top of the wax stain and underneath. Set your iron to the hottest setting safe for the fabric and press over the stain; oils from the stain will transfer to the paper towel. Wash the tablecloth by itself in warm water on the cycle appropriate for the fabric.

I hope these easy tips will save you money on dry cleaning.

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